Fund all production cycles starting from 9% per annum

Unified platform of available accounts receivable and payable funding options.

There is a solution for all types of companies, working with any kind of counterparties, with all kinds of payment deferrals and without minimum volume limits.

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Fund your accounts receivable starting from 11% per annum

Get rid of or reduce cash gaps

Fund purchases from suppliers up to 180 days in advance

Insure the all customer non-payment risk

The whole chore of fundraising is reduced to 5 steps

Screen new customers, get a quote for each of them with transparent funding terms, bring back major customers that were previously impossible to work with due to long payment deferrals.


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Request customer terms from all factors


Choose the most convenient offers


Sign a contract with a factoring company


Obtain funding

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Sign up and enter the debtors data (TIN would be enough). You will immediately see if a solution exists and what it might be:

  • The total limit amount per company
  • Available limits for each debtor
  • Factoring services costs
  • List of banks ready to provide funding
  • Names of banks with contacts (paid rate)

Manage the entire pool of suppliers, debtors and banks in a single window

  • Form the best possible factoring solutions portfolio
  • Choose the best conditions out of the proposed options. The rates remain unchanged
  • Transfer suppliers and debtors from one factor to another
  • Improve communication with each partner: supplier, customer, bank.

Support at all stages of obtaining funding — on and off the platform

  • We support you every step of the way: from choosing the right solution to agreeing on all the terms and conditions
  • We participate in negotiations with the customer and/or supplier and definitely with the bank
  • Personal manager, online support through chat, e-mail, toll-free number

Integrate your services with Invorica

Manage your document flow in a single click:

Manage your document flow in a single click:

  • Link the platform to 1C and other business services
  • The platform automatically fills in your documents using current bank templates. No paperwork, everything is digital
  • Sign your documents digitally
  • Interact with all your counterparties in one service

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Our platform is useful for different clients with any form of ownership, working with any counterparties, any deferred payment without restrictions on minimum volumes

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