Financing of advertising agencies without collateral and on terms of 7% per annum

One platform of affordable financing options for receivables and payables.

There is a solution for companies of all forms of ownership, working with any counterparties, with any deferred payment and without restrictions on minimum volumes.

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Fund postpayments of large clients from 7% per annum

Eliminate or reduce cash gaps

Finance purchases from suppliers up to 120 calendar days

Attract large customers with a long payment grace period

The entire fundraising routine is reduced to 5 steps

Check new customers, receive for each proposal with transparent financing terms, return large customers with whom it was previously impossible to cooperate because of the long grace period.


Apply on the platform


Request conditions for the client from all factors


Choose the most comfortable offers


Sign an agreement with a factoring company


Receive financing

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Register and enter the data of debtors (TIN is enough). You will immediately see if a solution exists and what it might be:

  • The sum of the total limit for the company
  • Availability of free limits for each debtor
  • Factoring service cost
  • List of banks willing to provide financing
  • Bank names with contact details (for a paid tariff)

Manage your entire pool of suppliers, debtors and banks from one platform

  • Build the optimal portfolio of factoring solutions
  • Choose the best conditions from the options offered. The rates will not change
  • Transfer suppliers and debtors from one factor to another
  • Improve communication with each partner: supplier, client, bank.

Support at all stages of obtaining funding - on and off the platform

  • We are on your side and help at all stages of work: from choosing the right solution to agreeing on all conditions.
  • We participate in negotiations with the buyer and / or supplier, necessarily - in negotiations with the bank
  • Personal manager, operational support via chat, e-mail, toll-free number

Integrate your services with Invorica

Manage your workflow in one click:

Manage your workflow in one click:

  • Connect the platform with 1C and other business services
  • The platform will fill out the documents itself in accordance with the current forms of banks. Everything is in electronic format, no paperwork.
  • Sign documents digitally
  • Communicate with contractors in one service

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Our platform is useful for different clients with any form of ownership, working with any counterparties, any deferred payment without restrictions on minimum volumes

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